Container recycling

We have decades of experience in the specialist recycling of various container types, including tank containers, sea containers, reefers and flat-racks. When they reach the end of their useful service life, we step in. With all the required environmental permits, we can ensure that each container is processed responsibly.

Why recycle?

Containers contain a variety of metal types, which we sort according to quality after the unit has been scrapped. These metals can be reused as raw materials in a variety of manufacturing processes.

Access and storage

Our site is directly on the Maas River, in the heart of Rotterdam’s port area. It has a surface area of over 10,000 square metres. We’re located on the south bank of the waterway – next to the entrance of the Beneluxtunnel – and are easy to access by both road and water. The total length of our quay is over 200 metres, with a minimum water depth of 3.25 metres.

Why choose Metaalhandel Ketting?

We work according to clear and transparent procedures. And we have a sustainable and long-term company philosophy: sustainable when it comes to people and the environment, long-term in our business relationships.

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