Import and export

The past few years, our favourable situation and efficient infrastructure have allowed us to continue developing our trade relations with foreign clients and partners. Our firm satisfies all the organisational requirements for the successful import and export of scrap metals.


  • Insight in the international market
    When it comes to importing and exporting scrap, Metaalhandel Ketting can turn to a wide range of contacts within the EU, Central and Eastern Europe and the US. We pursue an active policy geared towards the further development of our international network. We keep a close eye on international developments as far as supply and demand in our sector are concerned.
  • Experience with cross-border transport
    Successful international transport depends on knowledge of the relevant guidelines and regulations – even more so than in the case of domestic transport. Metaalhandel Ketting knows all the ins and outs of this business and has facilities in place for swiftly and correctly arranging the relevant export documents. You can also turn to us for export permits and authorisations for the cross-border transport of hazardous materials.


  • Import of scrap from Romania and Lithuania
  • Export of scrap to Ukraine, batteries to Lithuania and copper and bronze to Belgium.

In years ahead, the volume of cross-border trade is expected to keep increasing as a result of external developments like the further integration and expansion of the European Union and the opening up of foreign markets. Metaalhandel Ketting is ready to take on these challenges. Feel free to get in touch with us to discuss which options these interesting developments may create for your firm.