We distinguish between the following cable grades:

  • PVC wire copper
  • High grade insulated wire (thick core)
  • PVC wire aluminium
  • Underground cable


PVC wire comprises thinner and thicker cable lengths that contain one or more copper cores. Standard or average PVC wire is expected to have a copper content of at least 38%. The unit price for PVC wire depends on the current price of copper, as well as the wire’s copper content (copper percentage).


This is PVC-insulated wire has a higher copper content (at least 68%) – making it profitable to strip off the jacket. Once again, its unit price is determined on the basis of the copper content, although it will be higher than in the case of regular PVC wire.


This cable type has one or more cores made from aluminium rather than copper. Its unit price is determined by the aluminium percentage.


This ‘dirty’ cable is sheathed in oil-impregnated paper, lead or iron bitumen. The copper cores are also covered in oil and are priced as mixed-grade copper after stripping. Since underground cable is covered with various protective layers – a lead sheath and/or a layer called armouring that is made of steel wires – it is dismantled according to a different process than most cable types. We have extensive experience in the buying and recycling of underground cable. For our customers, this means they can count on particularly attractive prices and excellent service. Since underground cables contain iron or lead, they are less flexible and heavier than most other cable types.

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