8 Dec 2020

Metaalhandel Ketting joined the ITCO

Safety and sustainability are topics which are receiving a lot of attention in the last few years. In the metal recycling industry, they are hot items from which new ideas and developments keep arising. Metaalhandel Ketting of course follows these developments, that’s why we are proud to announce that we have joined the International Tank Container Organisation (ITCO).

The ITCO is the international umbrella organisation within the tank container industry. The organisation is permanently committed to being a strong partner in promoting and representing tank containers as safe, cost-efficient, and flexible means of transport. Things like quality, health, safety, environment, and Corporate Responsibility are very important topics to the ITCO.

As Metaalhandel Ketting we share the passion to be able to guarantee these important topics as well as possible. By joining the ITCO we close the internal circle, creating a “cradle to cradle” chain. This means that all members of the ITCO exist of companies that we view as “starting point” (such as tank manufacturers) up to companies that we view as “ending point” (such as metal recycling companies). The reason we do not speak of a “cradle to grave” chain has to do with the fact that almost all materials derived from tank containers are very well recyclable. A few examples of this are:

  • The stainless steel is processed in foundries after which it will be used to produce new stainless steel.
  • The iron is processed in foundries after which it will be used to produce new iron.
  • The aluminum is processed in foundries after which it will be used to produce new aluminum sem-finished products
  • The isolation material is burned in recycling plants as a means to produce energy

The buying and scrapping of tank containers are one of Metaalhandel Ketting’s core businesses. Over the years, we have developed into thé reliable partner for purchasing and responsible scrapping of tank containers and the sustainable recycling of the materials. All this goes together with the competitive prices we use for buying your tank containers. Thanks to our expertise, we can determine exactly how much materials each type of tank container contains and we can offer you an accurate quotation in advance.

We see our entry into the ITCO (as the first metal recycling company) as a confirmation of our qualities as a reliable and strong partner to serve a broad, business target group.

We look forward to a good, long-term cooperation.

More information can be found on our website, as well as the ITCO website:


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