8 Dec 2020

New website Metaalhandel Ketting

2020 has taught us that we cannot just take everything for granted. We are vulnerable, but also agile. We are individuals but also a community. 2020 is the year where we have seen how strong we are when we are there for each other. What 2021 will teach us is of course a big mystery. But one thing is certain, we are starting 2021 with a beautiful new site. A site that suits Metaalhandel Ketting.

Because Metaalhandel Ketting has changed. Not only have we grown in size and people, we have also become more professional and have more knowledge and skills. In short, a professional metal recycling company for the business market. Fortunately, we have not changed in many areas either. Everyone is still very welcome. And whether you want to sell a lot or a little, we offer everyone a fair and good compensation.

What to expect from our new website?

In addition to the many possibilities we offer for both private and business customers, we also want to show why we do what we do. Metaalhandel Ketting makes an important contribution to sustainable business. With our knowledge of laws and regulations and our extensive experience in properly recycling metals, we contribute to a cleaner world together with our customers.

We have also added new functionalities to the site. You can now sign up for the Whatsapp function which will allow you to stay up to date about the latest metal rates. We will be publishing white papers and blogs with a lot of valuable information about metal recycling. In short, our site is suitable for anyone who wants to stay informed of developments in the field of metal recycling!